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Orders are shipped every business day

  • 100% Genuine Cowhide Leather
  • Straight heel
  • leather lining
  • Skinny Tube
  • Heel 40 mm
  • Blake stitch construction (Handmade in León Guanajuato, Mexico)
  • Free national shipping
  • Delivery of 3-4 business days in Mexico
  • unisex

ONLY if you wear sizes TIGHTS, we recommend ordering the closest full size up. (For example, if you are size 27.5mx, we recommend ordering 28mx).

Available orders are shipped every business day

  • Skinny shaft
  • 100% Genuine cowwhide
  • Leather sole
  • leather lining
  • Blake stitch construction (Handmade in León Guanajuato, Mexico)
  • Free national shipping
  • 5-6 business days delivery WorldWide
  • 40mm heel
  • unisex

ONLY if you wear MEDIUM sizes, we recommend ordering from the closest full size up. (For example, if you are a size 27.5mx, we recommend ordering 28mx).

Shipping & Exchanges

It takes us between 24 and 48 business hours to process an order (Saturday and Sunday are not business days like holidays), after which they must be collected by the selected parcel service. Shipping time depends on your location, but you can estimate it as follows:

Standard national shipments 3-5 business days, express shipping 1-3 business days.

Delivery times are the responsibility of the parcel services and any situation should be resolved with them since we are different companies and we have no power over third-party companies.

It is important to base your choice according to the sense of urgency in which you require your order.

We do not handle returns. The costs of changing sizes are covered by the client as long as the footwear is in good condition.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robert A. Canto
New style for the NEW CLASSIC BOOT

I’m a client of your brand and have a purchased a couple boots and always get compliments. I would like to see this boot (NEW CLASSIC BOOT) with a detachable harness with a 40mm heel to be used like Chelsea boot style just like the BLACK LISBOA . Thanks


Saquen más de este modelo por favor

'+1 year review: Quality boots.

I wrote the negative review down below. I wish I could delete it, but here we are. Son I figured an update was in order.

I wore the boots for a good while over the last year, and they still look brand new and feel even better after all the wear. Went on a really rocky hike in Arizona (yes, I manage my choices poorly) - even the heels didn't mind the sharp and loose rocks. I've flown with them a ton (airport security loves to compliment them), they're comfortable enough to sit 10+ hours on planes with.

Apart from my complaint from 2022, a few days after receiving them, they've stood the test of use. Sharp door corners at bathroom club toilets, snow, rain and sand haven't altered the boots. Just my cat managed to give it a mean scratch while using my boot as a climbing tool.

And guess what? A few wears later, the leather had almost self mended. The rest buffing out made me reconsider everything I had previously said about their craftsmanship. The leather quality of this boot put a large amount of other boots to shame.

So: I stand corrected. I genuinely adore these boots, despite their initial imperfections.

Kinda Suxxe

First off, let me say that you get a lot for your money. The leather quality is good, the craftsmanship seems to be alright enough for the boots to last.

However, and this is the part that really bums me out, the boots I received were not the same pair. The heel on the left boot was attached further towards the front (the whole sole is off), making a future repair job impossible without re-soling the boot. Unfinished stitching on the harness and the general dissimilarity make the pair seem off (the shaft alignment is different, the right boot is straight, the left boot leans back, and so on).

After taking a series of pictures and contacting their support, the reply was:

"Maybe we are not the company for you. This isn't YSL."

I would have hoped, at least, to be offered an exchange for a pair that actually would work together.